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I'm sure someone on here was thinking about (or had built) an enclosed, streamlined nacelle for a paramotor. I don't really fancy having a load of rigid plastic round me, so I was wondering about the feasibility of something like the canopy that people have over their kids baby buggies. An extended forward area for the legs, while up on the speed bar, and a sloping, perhaps zipped, clear enclosure for the pilot to see out of.

I know our machines are dreadfully un-aerodynamic, and was wondering whether any worthwhile savings, in terms of fuel consumption could be made.

Sorry, I'm parawaiting for bits, so I'm getting loads of ideas at the moment.

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I hear you Phil.

I'm Looking out at a -20C thermometer right now that makes me an armchair pilot.

I had wondered how feasible this could be without a purpose built buggy of frame in general to retain shape, then I saw the enclosure in this video:


Looks like it's supported by feet, but purpose built free flight pod harnesses aren't really and option - are they?

This tent-like affair may be a step forward.

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Would the purpose of this be for comfort ie: keeping you warm or for carrying things, like a tent?? or both!

I was actually thinking in terms of improving fuel economy, although comfort would be a bonus, especially if the flights ended up being longer.

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