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The day before the doo...


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It is the day before the Paramotor Club Xmas doo. Yippeeee! It just made me start thinking about all of the things that we have done this year, and how many people have passed through the gates at Lambourn. Since last Xmas Colin and I have taught over 40 people how to fly a paramotor, with another 18 on the books still. All are still flying regularly... I believe that this is down to this club and the people in it, making new people in to the sport feel welcome and an instant friend with a common interest.

We all fly with one another, we are all welcome to use one another's sites, we all help each other, and we can all take the pi*s out of each other.

We make a point of having fun and enjoying the sport that we all love to do so much, and will continue to do so, with trips like Tip to Tip 2008, 2010 making it possible for any one of you reading this to join and get involved. I do have many other events up my sleeve of course but an flapping a bit in busy mode at the mo.

We also intend on running a very interesting competition in 09 that EVERYONE will be able to join in on at all levels newbie or skygod.

There is a 'possibility' that it could be flyable tomorrow (maybe a little windy though) so bring your kit :D :D

Waffle waffle waffle......

nuff of that,


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LOL Summer LOL

I do feel a little lucky to be spending Feb in nice hot Desert I must admit.

See you soon enough Dan matey. Thanks for the thanks but the thanks are not for me chap, but the members of the site who make it what it is.


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