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Spiral dives


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Indeed sad news and a worthy post. Thank you.

I think all of us have been surprised by our wings at least once. I know mine has surprised me how fast it will go Leading edge down when coming off power and banking hard one side.

Same result without all the Gs that mess with your vision and balance if you turn your head. This was an easy situation to place yourself in - it is always seconds away.

Fly High. Know your wing and yourself. Ease in to each change in your flying. Be safe.

Article speaks to the warning well, sorry it needed to get mentioned.

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As suggested above,

The real lesson here is to fly high and don't attempt spirals until you have been taught how to get back out of them.

With the Fusion, you just have to slowly decrease the pressure of the inner brake line. By the time you have your hand back to the top the wing is flying normally in equilibrium again.

The Synth was the same but I found it needed just a tiny tad of outer brake first to pull out of the nose down.

Go and do a SIV course with the best there is Jocky Sanderson.

"You don't need to do an SIV (Simulated Incidence in flight/Vol), course to enjoy your flying. But if you want to fly in thermals and go Cross Country, (XC), then it is highly recommended to do one, because once you have the confidence and skill in your ability to control your wing in turbulance, then that frees up your mind to focus on the positive aspects of the flight like finding lift and flying far." Jocky Sanderson


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and if you cannot afford (time, money, tavel) to go take an SIV course, then at least watch them...


Security in flight

Performance flying

Are both favorites of mine, and having armchair piloted performance flying has already saved my ass a couple times just knowing what to do on asym deflations and surprise conditions.

I owe Jockey a brew and haven't met him. Probably a few of us like that.

Thanks for the fusion feedback, I'm all atwitter for it's arrival.

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