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£2k to spend.


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I'm currently using an old PAP 1100 with inverted Solo 210. I bought it at a good price to see if I would enjoy ppg as much as free-flying. After 5 hours on the motor including a couple of xc flights I am hooked and thinking of trading up to a more modern paramotor in January.

I will be spending £2000 max and I'm interested in another used PAP - probably a 1400 with Top 80 if I can get a decent one for that price.

I also like the look of and back-up support of Parajets but not sure that £2k will get me much unless I buy an older model? H&E seem good but I've heard stories about frames cracking and props hitting frames? Don't know much about Walkerjet or Freshbreeze.

Anyone got other recommendations?

Cheers, Joe.

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Can I get first refusal on the 1100 please...assuming the prop is ok :)


Hi Ben

The prop is fine and I'm happy to fly with it. New prop is £120 if you wanted to go down that route. I have put the new PAP active arms on mine which are much better than original. Will be looking for 'about' a grand if you're interested.

Will keep you posted on whats happening.....I want to source a new paramotor before I part with this one.


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Hi Joe

I haven't flown a Fresh Breeze but did 30 hours on a Walkerjet 200 which I think I've just sold. That was a strong unit with plenty of power. Mid to low hang points were fixed so some weight shift was attainable but most of all it felt very stable and safe. Good protection under yer arse from a pair of skids which helped prevent prop breakage and potentially protect the pilots back if the crunch happened. Paul Deakin has one up for £2300 with 10 hours run time.


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