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Tomorrow. (Sunday)


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I will be on site tomorrow from 08:45 until 11:30 (AT THE LATEST!) I have to go to Redlands to meet clive and pick up a wing so will be leaving site at about 0930 and will be back at 10:30 until 11:30.

Mike ( your motor has 2 hours worth of juice in it ready to go! Thanks for your business, Cant wait to see your face when you land :D )


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Hi Simon,

Well, a big thank you for bringing all together ie, myself the wing and the motor. I have finally got my wish after two and half years of searching and waiting. Only my third flight on a PPG today but with my own equipment glissening in the afternoon sun. The combination of the Parajet Macro and the Synthesis wing and me underneath was sheer poetry. The harness was comfortable and easy to get into and although midday flying with a few turbulent bumps the wing stayed reassuringly stable and the take off and landing was text book. After a week in Annecy free flying, this was icing on the cake.

Thanks also to Colin and Paul this morning for getting my Macro unflooded ( a very tense half hour :roll: )

Regards Mike.

PS The "T" shirt fits like a glove, hope it doesn't shrink :lol:

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