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ROSS 100cc overheating


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It could be taking air in from somewhere? leaking gasket around the barrel or carb base?

and also air could be getting into the fuel supply line. Can you please take the plug out and check it against the plugs on this web page...

http://www.poweredparaglidingontario.ca ... _chart.htm

Let us know the result please. I'm interested in this one as my spare paramotor has a Ros 100 in it.

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There is a common misconception that just adding two stroke oil will help in situations like this. In fact, by adding more two stroke oil to your mix you can actually be agravating the situation as you are reducing the amount of petrol and thus making the mixture even leaner.

Check for air leaks as others have said, and check ignition timing.

Have you changed your source of petrol? It might be worth doing an ethanol check, and maybe even switching to 'super'. Avgas is another alternative but can be harder to get hold of as some airports won't sell it 'loose'.

It is also possible that over time, vibration has gradually shifted your mixture adjustment screw(s). You could consider re-adjustment.

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