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All the bits and bobs for a newbie...


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Hi guys,

I'll be keeping an eye on ebay but if any of you more experienced guys have any surplus kit laying around, do let me know. I'm looking for a basic setup for a beginner; wing/ground handling, paramotor (preferably a PAP1400...), GPS, Vario, Altimeter, wind sock, flight suit, flight deck, helmet, harness for training wing... the normal startup essentials really...

I'm 5'8ish, 11.12st with blue eyes...I enjoy climbing, shooting and....oops sorry, wrong add :)

Thanks for your help so far,


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I should be careful Ben, Pete might flash up here and offer you a kiss! :lol:

Ebay seems to be a popular place to buy accessories. Speaking personally here, I would make sure my wing was nearly new and I knew its provenance. As for your motor, much the same really, you only have one life and it is a safety critical item. If the thing is unreliable at best you might have to watch your friends flying from the ground, at worse you end up making new friends in A&A or the local bone yard.

A good quality bone dome that fits and isn't full of someone else's sweat, and a pair of gloves that are good for purpose. Get a nice pair for paramotoring, there are loads about and they are not expensive. The rest of the toys are there for the choosing after advice. Paramotor people tend to be free with their help and advice, don't jump to purchase, accumulate the other bits and pieces over your training time. You will find what works for you.

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