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Parajet - evolution and changes


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Following an idea in another thread, this is aimed at Parajet owners who know or want to how their lovely machine has evolved and what if any checks/changes/upgrades they may want to consider.

Initially it can be a randon list, if it takes-off we'll compile into a more logical order and repost.



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Hi Paul.

I don't know what the Parajet part numbers are, but my new mounts (you need 2) are approx 18mm thick as compared with the originals which are about 25mm.

You can get them from Partco or other motor factors locally and I paid a couple of pounds each. They are actually Leyland mini exhaust mounts and I had the complication of having to find nuts to fit on the threads which are imperial (the original Parajet ones are metric) but luckily my father in law has a garage which is an alladins cave which I regularly plunder!

You can get them from ebay complete with nuts -

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Universal-Exhaust ... 286.c0.m14

I am thinking of drilling either side of the mount and lock wiring across to prevent the exhaust leaving the motor mid flight if these mounts were to fail.

I would love to see an update section where manufacturers could list safety improvements made for each type of motor. It could save some costly failures.

Best regards,


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