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Parajet Volution

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Good evening all.

There is a Parajet Volution for sale on Ebay up in Nottingham, Number on Ebay 290253854142, (Sorry I dont know how to add a link to it yet) but what I would like to know is, is it any good? is it worth bidding on it at that asking price, and does anybody on here know it or the person selling it?

It's got about 12 hours to run, any advise would be welcome.

Dave :D ( Coggie49 )

It's better up there.

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Sounds ok, props (expensive) could probably do with checking over properly, and if they are dinged it's possible the cage was bent. Giles at parajet can do a service on it which would give you peace of mind that it's all working ok, call him before the auction end or you may end up bidding against him :shock: good luck !!

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Hi Dan

No I didn't get it, I dropped out at £1800 it was a bit more than I wanted to pay at his stage, I would really like to get a brand new wing and a cheaper motor, I figure the wing will keep me alive but if the motor packs up, it's no big deal.

Dave ( Coggie49 )

Its better up there.

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