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I used (use) a Garmin 76S and also a pda running xcsoar (glide computer software). I have an airmap on each and they do roughly the same job although the xcsoar has more wind and thermal and terrain elevation information and has an easier to undertsand display and the Garmin logs the flight better. So they back each other up.

The Garmin is monochrome and I find it easier to see in the sunlight and in this case the gloom! The garmin is also easier to load with waypoints but I have just discovered that Activesync malfunctions when you install 3G internet dongle (huwai) so that problem should go away now I have a work around.

There was a site selling the 76S with american base map for 120 quid. I have one of tehse and installed the uk airmap and turned off the base map.

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