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Cheshire Newbie

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Hello everyone,

Could anyone advise me on how to get started on this fantastic sport?

Ive seen the sky dragons in Ruthin northwales but cant seem to get anymore info. Im told th ebloke isn't doing it anymore.

Also if anyone is interested in taking off from a new venue their welcome to use the land at my farm. Its ideal. In exchange for some good advice. ha ha. SY14 7JN

Cheers Gaz

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Hi Gaz,

Best way, in my opinion, is to learn paragliding first then add the motor once you have the technique for launch and landing.

This way you will have a good rounded understanding and (hopefully) not too many holes in your knowledge before taking to the skies.

Beyond Extreme is your closest man (church stretton, shropshire) and will teach you the lot from start to finish.

hope this helps


i can vouch for mark at beyond extreme, very professional outfit and the whole experience IMHO is superior to certain others... i changed to them recently and havent looked back see my youtube videos search for macey2kk

your welcome to come along with us ( we travel from stoke ) on our lessons- marks back from hol later this week i think.

i would do the ep course then club pilot course - hill flying will give you the groundings for motoring -- it is doing for me anyway!!

good luck bud

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Thanks Meds and Macey, sound advice.

It would be nice to go along with people who know what there doing.

I work in stoke and I suppose Malpas could be on the way to church stretton with a little detour. I dont mind driving.

How often do you go?

Many thanks Gareth


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