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Dudek Universal 1.1 Trim too long

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Looking for advice on what others have done with my situation.

Im pretty light but fly a Moster 185. When i go full throttle, the engine yaws the harness and cage to the left. Nothing weird there, it happens on powerful motors.

My issue is that the trim tabs on the Universal are so long that at trimmers in i fear they get way too close to the cage and prop on the right side when I'm full throttle. If I do nothing they would hit and even go through the cage if i let them, so I've been holding off full power to make sure they don't get hit by the prop.

Has anyone experienced this and could give some advice to remedy it? I was maybe thinking magnets or bungee cord, but would love other's input.

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magnets are good, but hard to source & fit. Mine flap around sometimes so I just wrap them around the main riser & tuck them in somewhere, OK if you're not constantly changing tab trimmer position. If you rarely go full out you could always double up part of the ends & tape up?

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