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I've decided to sell my Nova Rotor. This is a DHV 1-2 Paramotor wing that can be used as a DHV 1 paraglider when you change the riser settings.

Bit like the first girlfriend, I'm reluctant to see her go :roll: and won't ever forget the great fun we had together. I learnt my ground handling and flying on this wing. It is nice, easy and slow to launch and land.

So, if you are just getting into the sport or want the flexibility of a duel purpose glider, read on.

It is a used glider, but has been cared for as if my life depended on it, kept aired and dry, is in very good repair, serviceable and flyable. I had a lot of fun and many great memories flying it.

It has been regularly winter serviced by the Loft, never left in the sun or the wet. The last service was 8th October, last flight was 11th May. Service note is available and obviously you are welcome to check the wing out.

I used it for my first 21 flights (logged 11 1/2 hours) and then wanted to try something smaller/faster.

This is the large version suitable for pilots with an all up weight of 95kg to 150kg. My total weight is around 130kg and it landed me very nicely.


The colour is Blue and White, with Black check pattern at one end. Here are pictures of me launching it http://www.paramotorclub.org/forum/albu ... user_id=34

Some of this video was filmed from it and shows it (at approx 1 minute 40) flying over Wales at the last Homegrown.

Usual warning, paramotoring is a dangerous sport without the proper training, so get some.

It comes with the service history, an inner bag and outer rucksack. Asking price only £895 can include a comfortable ground handling




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