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Going to start flying, but I need some help.

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Greetings from The Netherlands! My name is Glenn and I'm going to start my lessons at a flyschool next year. I'm already looking around a bit for some stuff to buy, but since it's all new to me, I'd like some opinions from you guys. I'm 191cm and 105kg at 25y old, not a fat dude, but I'm a bit big :). 

First off there are some questions I'm not really sure about and couldn't find much information about on google:

1. 2 bladed prop vs 3 bladed prop, does it matter?

2. Moving swingarms vs rigid swingarms, does it matter?

3. Age vs flying hours of an engine, does it matter?

4. Can you change harnesses? Or are they permanently fixed to a frame?


I've been looking around in the Dutch marketplace for secondhand sets. I don't have the biggest budget, so a 6k paramotor without chute etc is out of the picture. So far I've found these options:

1. Walkerjet R200 with a Flyengine W200 + Apco Thrust V size XL. PH number(idk what that is) is from 2006 but engine is 4y old with 30 hours, kite is 40hours old. 3500euro

2. Fresh Breeze Sportix 122 unknown hours, have to ask owner. 1000euro

3. Paramotor PAP PA 125, 15 hours. 1000euro

4. P.AP. 1400 thor 200, unknown hours have to ask owner. 1500euro

5. Miniplane top 80 black edition, 300hours but engine completely overhauled. 2000euro


I'm thinking about the first option myself, but opinions are divided about rigid vs moving swingarms and option 1 has a rigid one. Also because of the age of the engine. If anyone needs more info of the mentioned sets, please let me know. I'm looking forward to your help and want to thank you all in advance!


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