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Has anyone flown the ITV Baja? What did you think?

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As a beginner, I'd like something super safe, but the Mojo and Magic Motor I've heard are extremely slow. My main goal while flying is to just cruise around and explore, including going up and over mountains. No arco. Part of that exploration could also entail small cross country trips in the range of 20 to 40 miles. I've heard the Baja is "a lot" faster than the Mojo PWR 2 and Magic Motor, while still being a super safe EN-A rated wing. If that's true, that sounds like it's exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I've never really heard of ITV before and finding reviews on the Baja has been tough. 

Anyone here have any experience with it? Can you confirm it's as safe as those other wings while being "a lot" faster? (Does anyone know if its speed matches that of the Spyder 3 without speedbar?) And is ITV a good brand? Is it up there with Ozone and Dudek? Does it have really nice launch and landing characteristics and not much oscillation? 

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I am new to paramotoring and my first wing is the Baja which my instructor recommended.  I trained on a Gin Pegasus 3 so that is my only comparison.  My Baja is definitely faster than the Pegasus but my Baja is also a smaller wing than what I trained on.  The Baja is much more responsive and after a flight or two I got the hang of the more responsive wing.  I have had no issues with takeoffs or landings with my little experience.  I had it up the other day and encountered some pretty good gusts (12-13 mph) at altitude and it handled them nicely.  I never had any concerns but I didn't want to push it so I landed pretty quickly.  I'm not sure this helps but that is what my school is recommending to almost all of their students.  Also ITV was great to work with and had quick shipping which was nice.

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