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Red Arrows at Lambourn Paramotor Club.


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What a great day!!!!

It started with a distant display of the red arrows over Shrivenham which was just great!!! what made it better was the fact that they left VIA our take off site at about 30 ft LOWER than we were standing!!

WOW Dan you would have loves it mate!! talk about close!!!!

Followed by showing some people the kit and getting two new students for later in the year :D


And cheers for the help Col and Earny ( I know you read this... go on... post a message... it wont kill ya....)


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Hello Si, Col and everyone.

Yeah! Absolutely superb fly-by from the lads in red. The more I think about it the more I'm convinced it wasn't a mere coincidence that they just happened to dip into the two valleys either side of the top field (a.k.a. flag pole field). and rise again just past it. Am I right in thinking that's not the first time the Red Arrows have acknowledged the field? They were soooo close that if you weren't preoccupied with almost falling over in shear excitement Si, then being the 'fly' geezer that you are, I'm sure you could have snook one of those snazzy Parajet stickers on the near side fuselage, they were THAT close. I got such a buzz from that event that it had me coming over all patriotic and all. Superb.

Cheers one and all, thanks to Sally Anne for the choccy cake and biscuits on that day, hello to Dazman, and Eddie at Junction 6.

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