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Got a feeling that a gathering of 500 or more people is automatically a temporary no fly zone unless you are part of an organised display which would have to be set up by someone from the BHPA and maybe even the CAA. I cant remember.

But it's not breaking any rules for me to get you airborn at the next opportunity my luvver. Had a mate do his second ppg flight yesterday and he stayed up and out over for an hour and a half. I had people ringing to say they could see me. He had his GPS


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No aircraft may fly over or within 1,000m of an open air gathering of more than 1,000 people except with written permission of the CAA, nor may it fly below any height that would enable it to glide clear.

1000m would put you square in the approach path for Exeter Airport from here.


I would have come over yesterday Dave, but I was hired by the carnival committee as the official photographer for the family fun run. (Theres two words that shouldn't be next to each other, fun and run, bit like military intelligence)

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