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Ok I have grass in my wing.................not lots of it but annoyingly some has made its way to the rear of the wing!!!

What would be the best way of extracting it?

Hoover?, Ferret? Heh, heh!

Or is it a case of turning the wing upside down by the rear tip and shaking it out?

Is it safe to fly with 'some' grass in side at the rear?

The place I practice at has just had the field mown.

Any tips (excuse the pun) would be very much appreciated.


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Hi Mike,

First check the very tips of your wing at the trailing edge (you are likely to find that there are valcro sections that you can open to remove the grass from the tip's.

Then, wait until there is a decent (reverse launch) type wind and simply ground handle your wing as normal.. build a good wall...

Turn it over

Now use the brakes as the 'a's and the 'b' lines and you will find that you can 'GENTLY' bounce the wing up and down.

All of the grass will fall out.

Have fun


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Yep, Simon's got it. I got shown that method when in Morocco recently and was doing a lot of coastal flying. I found the hardest bit with that is to flip the wing back over the right way without taking a scoop of debris into the cell openings on the last 'dunk'. Just get it hovering a few feet off the ground upside down but parallel with the ground and give a big yank on the correct brake. It'll flip back onto its trailing edge a treat as long as it's square on to the breeze. I used this method to dislodge a load of sand, rocks, a large tagine and a small goat from my wing. Still flew OK though. :o)

I also felt pressure to look convincingly to the local pilots that I was in fact executing a precision wing emptying procedure rather than just a crazy foreigner who had completely lost control of his kit in the wind.[/url][/code]

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