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Paramania Action GT Repair

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A Saudi friend of mine has an Action GT wing that he as managed to tear. The tear is in the bottom of the wing in the third (from memory) panel from the wing tip and stretches perpendicular from the leading edge (the leading edge beading is still intact) to near the trailing edge. The tear is in the centre of the panel and not on a seam. I've spoken to paramania and they say they will need the wing returned to China for repair.

Is there anywhere in the UK that could carry out a repair on this wing without it having to be sent to China? It looks to me as if the panel will need to be completely replaced.


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I have checked with the loft and they charge £25 per hour and estimate about £100 to replace the panel but cannot give a better estimate until they have seen the wing. Aerofix are quoting between £100 & £120 and can probably turn it around in a week if they have the material but again need to see the wing to confirm the estimate. There doesn't seem to be much to choose between the two companies.

I will bring the wing to the UK on my next business trip and send to one of them but not sure which yet!


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