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Hello from new pilot in Worcestershire

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Hello everyone.

I am a new pilot with CP +10 paragliding and have been flying Paramotors since Christmas (I had to buy my own cos Santa is a stingey get) I am based in Kidderminster in Worcestershire but work all over the country (and Southern Ireland)

I would like to meet up with some pilots to learn and fly some different sites and maybe a pint or 2 (post aviation of course) It would be great to meet up when I am working away, I usualy have the motor and wing in the back of the van on the offchance I find somewhere nice and the weather is kind.

I have found your web site very useful and informative, many thanks to the originators.


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Hi Meds

I just landed a Job near Crewe, I should be up there for a few days spread out over the next couple of months so I may give you a shout when I'm up there. Where about in Cheshire are you based?

Fingers crossed we can coincide with a bit of nice weather. I should be fairly free to pick which days I do the Job on as well so if it looks good for a couple of days I will try to book the work in for then.


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