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Any clubs around here?


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Hi guys,

Are there any clubs around in Surrey? I just want to come along one weekend and see what you guys do, as I'm considering joining the game, and my mum agreed to donate money towards my kit for my 16th birthday :lol: .

Also if anybody knows City of London Freemen's near Ashtead, I board there, so I can do some ground handling work before I get the rest of the kit :twisted: . I just perfer to learn in a club though, as it is the safest and more social route.

Thanks in advance :wink: ,


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Hi Rocky,

there are a few local pilots who occasionally fly from the Surrey site but they don't really post on this forum, Mike & myself tend to fly from the Lambourn site for the social side which is an hour away (Mike does fly with the Basingstoke crew too) so if you can travel to Lambourn for the time being then I'd suggest that would give you the best insight to the sport and a good instructor - don't know how you travel around at 16 though ??

Good luck


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Hi Rocky, your post really stirred some memories for me. I am often down your way as I grew up in the Epsom/Banstead/Sutton area and my Mum still lives in Banstead. I used to go to Epsom College so we used to play you lot at sports all the time! I started flying at the age of 12 and used to bunk off school to go flying on a regular basis much to the annoyance of my housemaster! When I saw him 15 years later and told him I was now an airline pilot he was really delighted as I suspect he knew that my occasional truancy was actually me self-educating for the future!

I am looking for a launch venue in that area for a few little trips I have planned... I don't suppose there's any chance Freemans would let me use the pitches out the front is there? Alternatively do you know anyone with a field nearby?



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Sorry for the late reply, was preparing for my tuba exam.

Well I've been flying my RC helis on the fields anyway, and they don't really care. I'm not that extreme to bunk off school, to go flying, as the people will know. I'm pretty sure that they will let me to let you come and take off from the playing fields, as you will be my guests. I will check with the groundskeeper, as I will also intend to do some wing handling on site anyway. I'll be better off paramotoring anyway from Freemens instead of gliding (too short for even a reverse winch ~ 200m) . One problem though, between me and my groundskeeper, that the fuel for my heli cannot be stored on site :cry: , as a point of info.

Ian- Do you know Epsom Hockey Club? I'm playing there right now, as a keeper and sometimes outfield. Also, you started flying at 12, I'm looking into a gliding club also as an alternative as well in Wycombe to get my solo there next year. I play rugby against Epsom College from time to time...

Dan- I've got little problems with travelling to sites, as I've also got no problem from Freemens to Wycombe Air Park. I'll look into get to Lambourn. Probably near Christmas, 'cos my uncle is moving to around the Swindon area, and I'm staying with him over the Christmas holidays. But I have to agree that its abit far away from Freemens. I'm not sure about fields, but do you know Epsom Hockey Club- they have a field there, and although not 100% sure, but they may let you to launch from there. I'll confirm with the groundskeeper and the head soon.

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