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Parajet Zenith 190 Evo


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Parajet Zenith Polini 190 Light Evo (with HF upgrade) L Xl Parajet Harness with under seat reserve container Spare carbon prop (unused) spare cage ring sections (unused) spare cage spars sections (unused) Spare flash starter spring (unused) Belt tensioner 1 x Set Prop covers Various spare bolts and clips, springs etc that fit the Zenith. Only bad point is very minor scratches from general usage. The HF upgrade consists of, new cylinder head, new cooling shroud, spark plug cooling shroud. This upgrade was carried out by myself as a precaution and reduces engine temperature which was an issue on these models. I have the original cylinder head and cooling shroud which are excellent condition and will throw them in as spares. The whole top end was rebuilt this week. Over £600 spent on it including the HF upgrade. The starter mechanism failed in the air and one of the components caused the cooling fan to break up and she overheated. This means that this motor is practically new, in fact I have to break it in again. I can do this or new owner can do it. I have this motor a couple of years but I have two other motors and have just not had the time to fly it much. The machine is in excellent condition and the engine would have less than 30 hours total use. The prop is in very good condition and comes with brand new unused spare. I will throw in lots of little bits and pieces that were given to me by the previous owner and that I have gathered up over time. The Parajet harness is first class condition and very well padded. Easy access under-seat reserve pocket. The machine was purchased as a demo for students in my PPG school but to be honest none of them ever flew it. The only people to have flown this machine is the previous owner about 10 hours and myself about 15hours. Video taken 30/03/21 £3300 + Delivery20210331_161447.thumb.jpg.eef52e079c4314cd11d1420e29547754.jpg

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