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Axa insurance not valid depending on country


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Hi all, just getting back into PPG after many years, been flying PG in Europe with an IPPI 4 Austrian license. I am a UK citizen but not a resident so not covered by BHPA insurance and many others. AXA will cover me, but it is actually pretty hard to figure out whether that coverage is valid in most countries. The problem lies in that of course you can get covered, no insurance company won't take your money, but trying to find out each countries specific laws and whether they invalidate your insurance is really difficult.

I am in Greece at the moment, and although I have emailed several agencies, no one has replied, and the local pilots suggest that there is no licensing in Greece (which according to AXA, if there are no regulations, then you are covered), but also that you can't be insured, so I am not sure.

Planning on paramotoring in various countries in Europe (Romania, France, Italy, Spain) and outside of EU (Turkey, Montenegro and such) and having the same issue. I just can't figure out whether my insurance from AXA would be valid for these places. And also of course whether I am even allowed to paramotor in these countries.

Do you guys have any details as per the laws and regulations in various countries in and around Europe? Would appreciate any knowledge you can impart, or pointing to somewhere where I can find that knowledge myself.

Happy flying and thanks!

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Insure4sport in the uk will cover you third party for £65

same values as Austrian insurance however single item value is only £2500 max

im working on them to increase the amount if they do then cheaper insurance and they cover world wide

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