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Unboxing ahead and My YOU TUBE faves and Yours?


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OK....this is the week my paramotor engine and wing arrives and excitement is an understatement, looking out the window today with the Atlantic full force on, it seems that the greatest test is going to be to find the flyable days BUT you live with what you got and I choose to be in the Hebrides manly for the scenery, music and the edge of the world atmosphere here, so all that comes at a price BUT can you imagine when I do get up the feeling of wonder will be amplified looking across towards the mountains and the other isles. I paramotor online like so many others and I would like to give a thumbs up to my YOu Tube sub for https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxX-zJKlEMf_H9tuenoXSpQ Mack is a really down to earth guy living in Portugal and I think his content is really tuned to folks like me

I love the Anthony Vellas , Tuckers, Woodys Gamertag but the chance of me winging over. or footdragging is like sooo remote Id love to wing bump if I could find anybody to bump with within a 100 miles lol (assuming skills lol) anyway I thought it would be fun to see who else follows who and have you heard of any UK guys putting it out there regularly . Smiles all round.

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