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Eos 150 troubles

Matthew Austen

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having the Eos 150 now for over a year i am really pleased with the product and have a had a great after service every time.

I have hit a bit of a brick wall with the engine.

The engine run great and starts easy, iv never really hit 9000rpm on a 125cm prop its a bit smokey on tick over.


When i start the engine runs up to 8800 rpm i then back off to 6000 then after that i can get back to full power unless i let it sit for a while, then once back up to 8800 rpm it slowly dies off to 6000rpm


The plug generally comes out black with carbon and oil build up.

I have cleaned the carb and done the service on it. (Nothing in there when i cleaned it)

I have changed the fuel filter in the tank.

New fuel pipe now fitted and no bubbles of air.

I have tried a few different plugs.

The coil has had the 2019 mod.

Just keen to know if any one else has had this issue, it only happens when it hot and im sure good flying weather is upon us 😂





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Hey yes, Deffinalty was a little rich i rebuilt all the external parts checked the CHT and still had issues..

I stripped down the engine and found that one of the piston rings had split causing damage to the piston head and cylinder and had split in two sections, and part of the ring had come lose.


EOS and the supplier have been absualuty brilliant at helping out and replacing parts, really cant say how good they are at sorting problems.

I guess on this occasion it was just an unfortunate event associated with the normal 2 stroke issues 😂

Some learnings i havr picked up from this is. I never changed the L and H from the factory settings and over time the engine became very smokey, even tho the mix and fuel never changed and this i now realise indicates to a damaged ring or piston.

The plug had a carbon build up not like i have seen before and every time i changed it did the same, i could not say specificity that this was due to the piston but hopefully might help others diagnose the issue early.

Now waiting on new parts and get back to chasing clouds ☁️ IMG-20200729-WA0007.thumb.jpeg.3fa93eeea343bcbffaf9a8ade77e7873.jpeg



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