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Hi Torchy,

It wasn't me you saw flying - but I've just come back to PPG (after a few years focusing on other airsports) and live between Salisbury / Southampton - so If you want to go flying at some point then let me know.   

I have been servicing my engine (Polini 190 Thor - on my Parajet Zeneth) and it runs but its not very smooth.  I think the carb just needs some adjusting.   so i want to get it looked at by a mechanic familiar with 2 stroke engines.   have you used anyone locally that you can recommend?   i've got the number of someone in Newbury but I'd rather not drive 1.5 hours.

thanks for any help.


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Hi Oliver

Thanks for posting a reply. 😁 It would be great to go flying somewhere local. I'm still learning at the moment at membury with simon Westmore. 

Have you managed to find a field to fly from?

With regards to servicing I haven't found anyone local either. I think most engineers are used to working on lawnmowers and probably dont have facilities to tune a motor with a prop spinning 🤣 could be dirty carb, or old fuel? 

Hopefully the lockdown will be over soon and we can go play again. Keep in touch and if I hear of a field or mechanic I'll give you a shout.



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Hi Mike,

Im good friends with my local farmer - so I just take off from behind my house.  I live at SP52JX - so get back in touch when you want to fly and have finished your training..   I might well just take it to a lawnmower repair place.  

Simon is supposed to be very good.


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