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all, A PG friend of mine has a PPG freind who is selling a Rad Arrow and a Swing Arcus with all equipment ie, helmet reserve vario gloves. The motor has 15hours of use. The whole lot he is asking £2500.

Also l have 2 wings for sale which are ok for freeflying and for the price would be great for groundhandling. They are both UP Makalu's XL (90 - 130kgs) I have a Large Makalu that l flew on one of my first days with Simon and found it flew with motor ok. The older one, blue in colour(120hours) l'm asking around £150 The newer one in red (40hours) £300ono.

PM me if interested.

Regards Mike.

P.S. saving up for one of the T to T wings which are being auctioned at the end of the event :?

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Simon, The pilot freind of mine is Robert Ager who l have been free flying with for a few years now, and had a week late last year flying with him in Annecy, France. The seller is Roberts neihbour who l dont know personally but Robert asked me if l would ask around.

See you in the morning


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