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Finding an instructor in Southern California

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Hello, I was wondering if there are any instructors from Southern California, towards LA, that would be willing to train me. I am 14 years old which is legal but “too much of a liability” for many big schools. I have been doing a lot of research and found a lot of people don’t necessarily need a school to train but that is all I can find because they are bigger. Anyway, if anyone would be willing to train or know someone willing somewhere in August that would be extremely helpful.

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Appreciate it man, I have been looking into piloting for a very long time and just recently I found powered paragliding. I have a few buddies that also said they would be down so when I saw that it was completely legal for me to fly I just thought  “Why not”.

Thats super cool of you to do that for me and I hope you can convince him🤙.

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