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Bank holiday weekend?

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Anyone planning on flying over the bank holiday?

I got my wing back and have inflated it, looks fine, ready to go again now. Sadly the grass in my field is just a bit too long now, grumble grumble, must get someone to silage it.

Anyway, if there is some fling going on, let me know and I'll come out and play.

PS. Just got a TinyTach for my motor ... from http://www.tinytachuk.com/ what a great service! ... that guy deserves to do well!

ordered some leading-edge tape tape too, from http://www.av8-pilotshop.co.uk/3m-prop-tape-1x12yd-328-p.asp to try and keep that prop nice and shiny :)

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Gimme a shout if you do, I'll bumble along and flop about in the air with you :)

Will be a good chance to see if this new speed bar is set up right too ... I never seem to be able to get the stirrup set to the right length first time out.

On a cheery note, it looks like our cat has been sick in the middle of the carpet. Lovely.

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