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PPG Track Software - Beta Help

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Hello PPGers! In the time the weather has been unflyable, I've been spending my time working on some software to help me track my flights, equipment, maintenance, etc.

I've been using this myself for a couple of months now. As well as generally tracking my flights I've also been using it to track any maintenance I've done, which has already been useful in tracking down subsequent issues I've caused from the maintenance (note to self: get better at looking after my motor!).

I've started to add the ability to share my flights with friends and adding the ability for other people to use the software.

In the next 3-4 weeks I hope to be able to open this up for others to use.
This will be opened up to 10-15 beta testers first for a couple of months before I open it to everyone.

If this sounds interesting to you I'd love some help beta testing the software.
If you fly as regularly as the weather allows and are already in the habit of logging your flights and you'd like to try the software out please fill in the form below and I'll contact you once it's ready.



There's a small screenshot below and a rough list of features, which is growing (suggestions welcome):


  • Log basic flight details (time, location, kit used, max height, max speed, avg speed, fuel used, forward/reverse launch)
  • Log additional notes and upload kml file for flight
  • Link to video for flight
  • Filter by any of the above
  • Get total stats and monthly stats
  • Gets weather information for flight location and time (useful in identifying flyable dates in the future that you're comfortable with)


  • Flights are private by default
  • You can share flights with your "friends"
  • You can make individual flights public or only certain details (useful for sharing a flight publicly but not giving away the exact location, altitudes, etc if that concerns you)
  • Sharing of flight to social media


  • Track what equipment (motor, wing, frame, etc) you use on what flights
  • Record maintenance or work done on equipment (reason and work done)
  • Get stats on age/usage of equipment (e.g. new plug has 16 hours use, airbox replaced 30 hours ago)
  • Started to add suggestions on replacements when usage is close to service points


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