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Volution 2 Parajet belt & prop

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I am wondering if my only solution is a new belt (which I will order at any rate), but I have torqued my belt to max and it is still slipping on hi revs. do these belts stretch? I assumed that the only reason for belts slipping was because the bolt had loosened letting the belt slacken. Also on another topic, does anyone know where I can get a spare prop blade drilled out since I have a blade with no holes drilled for the bolts or the centre drilled out?



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If it has the XT engine, they had an issue on some of them with belt tension. I seem to remember they had some pulley assemblies that were outsourced for manufacture and made slightly out of spec. I ended up having to replace the pulley and arm on mine, which cured it. It's an old machine now though, maybe worth emailing Parajet to see if they have any spares. 

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