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New to the sport living in Effingham


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Hi Aldamski,

I live in Dorking, the place in Guildford is informally called Barry's airfield which is also a campsite. I haven't been there for quite some time so am not sure what it is like these days. However myself and another guy I met recently fly occasionally from local friendly farmers fields around the Mole Valley area.

The trick is keeping access to those fields by not over using them or causing any problems for livestock etc. A fear of losing access due to such over-use is why people tend not to share their location publicly on forums like this. However, building up a good rapport with local land owners is the best way to start, most have a weak spot for free bottles of wine or other such fine things.


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Hi Adam,

I'm not too far from you (Ashtead), and like you I am looking for local flying sites. I am a member of Green Dragons which has a site in Woldingham, but they have a rule about not flying on your own which can makes things tricky. I love this sport but unfortunately without access to a local flying site it becomes a challenge just to get into the air.

Where are you doing your training?


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Hi Nick,

I'm a bit late to the chat but I used to fly out of Dorking Rugby Club. It's owned by the National Trust and the nearest warden is on Box Hill so he has no chance of catching up to tell you not too. It's often empty, especially in the the morning or evening. I flew from their regularly from 2012 to 2019. I even took off when the rugby team were training, they loved it. Take off and go, come back quite, land and leave.

The hazard is the goal posts but if you set up right and take off straight then it's a great site.

When there was a football game at DRC I took off from the cricket field just south of DRC but the wind has to be from the west or north-west and you aim between the trees. :D

I don't live there anymore so you are welcome.

Happy flying.


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