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  1. Aldamski

    Airband Radio in UK

    Yes i think you can
  2. Aldamski

    A short video I made for some friends in the ARMY.

    Great video. Couldnt agree more. I did 10 years in the Army, infantry and then flying helicopters. I was so embarrassed by the current crap they have out. If i knew how to share it i would, but im not on Facebook.
  3. Aldamski

    Airband Radio in UK

    Im brand new to PPG but Im a commercial pilot and flying Instructor. I totally understand some PPG pilots wouldnt want to have to take an exam for what is seen as very infrequent use. I can also understand the other side of the argument. For what its worth you can get the CAA RT Handbook and learn it. Most flying schools have an examiner in house and it would be a very painless process taking the practical exam.
  4. Aldamski

    Can I fly in or near this chevroned corridor?

    Yes you can fly in this chevron area as long as it’s outside of controlled airspace. It’s simply telling you that you should expect aircraft being positioned onto an instrument approach and you should expect it to be busier than just standard class G airspace.
  5. Starting a course in two weeks and will be looking to fly somewhere in the area. It seems all roads lead to the site close to Guildford? Anywhere else thats decent in the Leatherhead , Guildford area?a Adam