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Need advice buying a used HR R120

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Hi I have an HE120 it came on a blackhawk frame, I only have 14 hours on the motor, I have only had minor problems with it. I had to replace the pull starter but the motor is solid. It starts up on the first pull even after sitting for a week. It actually starts alot better than my friends nitro 200. the only thing you have to watch on it is the wrist bearing is the weak point and can fail. I would reccomend replacing it every 50 hours insitead of 100 as stated. once it goes all the bearings distroy the top end and you have to buy $500 worth of parts. You also have to watch the carb screen ever 5 hours or so and just clean it out so it does not run lean. that has been my experiance. I have heard people having problems with thier gear boxes, I have to top off the gear oil after ever hour. How much are you getting the unit for? I picked mine up for 4k with a  wing.

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$1400 USD.  No wing.  I plan to use my U-Turn Infinity 4L. Engine very low hours (30?).  Looks to be an top shape.  New prop.   People tell me it's a bargain.

Wrist bearing...  where is this?  Can it be checked without dismantling?

EASY TO GET PARTS?  I notice HE does not make this model anymore...  when did they quit?  Is there a way to tell manufacture year of this unit?

I heard the gear box is weak on those...

Frame is aluminium.  The guy says it is better if you crash.  Do you have any idea what brand/model this frame is?  Included picture.

Thanks for getting back to me!




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