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Sky 1.1s engine


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I use it from 1 year, bought used with about 200 hours of flight (now it has 250 hours more or less)

The engine is really powerful, the thrust is comparable to the vittorazi 185 (I use a 130cm prop)

Reliability is the best plus of this engine, the water cooling system is an holy hand, and when I check the piston removing the spark plug, it is always completely clean with no carbon debris in the top. 


there is not a water pump, so  warming up correctly the engine is really important (the water moves by convection)... I suggest 2 mins idle, then 2-3 minutes shutted down, then again 2 minutes idle, 30 secs low rpm and 5 secs full throttle before takeoff

Fuel consumpion:  not a fuel saver eheeh :D 4.3-4,5 litres/hour is what you will get flying normally

Noise: normal

Cons: If you fly the engine at idle for 30 seconds, when you open throttle again, the engine is a bit slow to revs up


hope it helps, sorry for my written english, not perfect for sure :)


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I've been running Sky100 for a few years now. The engine is very economical, and given the right wing you can get fuel consumption to as low as 3-3.5L/hour. The liquid cooling system is great, and makes overheating issues practically non-existing, and thus makes the engine very reliable. I had one issue with a leaking gasket, but it was an easy fix. The only issue is flying in cold winter conditions, as the engine tends to run too cool and you need to cover the radiator.

The best part about this engine is the warm up procedure - the manufacturer recommends running this engine on idle for warm up. Since it has a clutch, you simply start it on a ground without a prop without any danger, leave it for a few minutes while you set up your wing, then put on a prop and go. This makes it much, much safer. 

Overall, a great little engine for cross country flying. The only update i had was Rotax needle piston bearings to make it even more reliable. 

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Hi lads,

I'm considering buying this engine too, do you have any updates on your experiences? Any common failure I should be aware of before buying? I wouldn't buy a Moster because of the exhaust cracking problem, so I'm between the Nitro 200 and this one to replace my Polini Thor 80, which I think is a little underpowered for my weight. I prefer geared transmission, since it reduces torque a bit.

Thank you for your replies and happy flying (weather permitting, not looking good for a while... haha)


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