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How are you supposed to use airspaces with PPGPS and Paraglider Dashboard?

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I've got both the PPGPS and Paraglider Dashboard apps on my Android phone and I can't figure out how to make use of airspaces.

I download and load up the airspace file and I get the colored airspace overlays on my main display.

In PPGPS when I tap on a colored portion nothing happens. I have no idea what airspace it is, what the details are, what the limits are, etc.

In Paraglider Dashboard I tap on a colored portion and airspace details pop up, BUT since airspaces are frequently layered on each other, one spot on the map can have several different airspaces that change with altitude, so how do we get this view in PPGPS? Between 0 - 4,000 ft for instance can include several different airspaces all in one spot. 

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