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Hello there! I live in Ontario, Canada, and am looking into getting a Paramotor.
I am about 150lb and 5'7.
There is someone who lives not far who teaches for between $3,000-$5,000. He is a Kangook/RsUltra dealer.
I have recently found Scout Paramotors though and am in love with their design and have heard nothing but excellent things from them.
Money is an issue, but I also do not want to spend a few grand less and then want to upgrade to something better in a few years.
Any advice is appreciated!
I am looking for recreation flying, would love to find myself somewhere between acro flying and tight turns and going fast. But would also love to start a business up and offer tandem rides and one day become an instructor, so that is also something I want to consider in engine size, and if people offering lessons own land or rent space or just find public land to use?

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