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A new item has been listed.Scout Paramotor

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Scout Paramotor

Loads more pictures here https://photos.app.goo.gl/WFhEDKu59mpUr3bH9


One beloved Scout Paramotor.  The *only* reason for sale is that I am not a good enough pilot yet, and, I am too scared I will break it.

It is in absolutely great condition.  Being full carbon fibre, it is extremely light.  It has a couple of extras, a fuel sensor, a PPG meter, which shows fuel level (including low fuel alarm), RPM, various engine temperatures etc.  It has the Scout SafeStart system.  It also has the proper Scout bag/suitcase thing as well as the bags for the various parts - basically everything you need fits in the bag except your wing and fuel.

It is super comfortable and can be taken on the plane as extra baggage - about 30kg if I remember right.

It has been run on the ground for around 3 hours, and, been flown for around another 7.  The Vittorazi Moster 185 engine has always started easily, run smoothly, and, never stopped uncommanded.

There's only a couple of things that aren't perfect.  I had one landing which scratched a little of the leading edge of the lower part of the cage.  It is purely cosmetic and not noticeable unless you go looking for it - see pics.

From the same incident, one of the spar's cracked a little.  This has been professionally repaired (see pics), and, you can't even see it unless you go looking for it.

This really is a great machine, I do hope to have one again someday, but right now I need the money for something cheaper and more in line with my skill level.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

The pictures were taken on 2018-05-10.   There are more pics, all taken at the same time, here https://photos.app.goo.gl/WFhEDKu59mpUr3bH9

It is on the ground in Stockholm, but I can easily arrange to take it to the UK (I'm popping over in 3 weeks as it happens) - I'm a Brit living in Sweden.

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