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Ab-initio PPG training

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Like most first-posters in this section I've been dreaming of PPG for several years. After seeing two guys launch from a beach in South Africa many years ago I became convinced that PPG was going to be the most satisfying possible form of personal flight. I've spent many years trying to figure out how to get involved (finances being the problem) and got a little side-tracked with skydiving but I now finally find myself able to commit to PPG. :D

I was rather conflicted about whether to first complete a CP rating and then convert to power or start from scratch with PPG... I liked the thought of beeing able to freefly when the occasion presents itself. I'm sure that the pure flying skills, airmanship and patience ;) you learn from a CP course are damn near invaluable but I have convinced myself that ab-initio PPG training is a better route for me. The type of flying that I would want to focus on i.e. long XC navs with the freedom to explore means that completing a CP might end up being yet another costly distraction for me. I realize and gladly accept that opinoins will vary on this topic.

So... I've made the decision to start ab-initio PPG training and the only remaining question is where and when. I believe it is critically important to train in an active club environment and there seems to be no better place in SE England to do this than at Lambourn. I think this is a great testament to the enthusiasm of the local CFI and club members and this is something that I appreciate and want to be a part of. My question to the forum is whether or not anyone could suggest somewhere other than Lambourn offering a similar PPG focused training environment since I firmly believe in exploring all alternatives. Most of the Sussex based PG schools seem to have very little focus on PPG and appear rather commercialized whilst the midlands and northern schools are simply out of reach for me. As I said, I feel it is important to train in a club environment, so I am looking for a location where I can be exposed to experienced club members (who share my interests) from an early stage.

In the mean time I'll start working on a PM to Simon whom I suspect has become a very busy man after the recent airing of mission everest. Obviously my timing is not ideal but let's see what happens.

Blue Skies

Dean B.

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