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Parajet Maverick - almost new!


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I'm selling my brand new Parajet Maverick with latest EOS100 Booster + spare parts + extra prop. See my invoice from Parajet in pics for complete listing. Additionally a Maverick case, also in the pics, for easy shipping / storing.


I received the Mav 2 months ago and have flown only about 15 hours. No problems/damage/accidents etc. Like new.


Harness in L size, left hand throttle (much better for using cameras etc accessorices..)


Price fro the set was about 6400e, I'm selling it for 4900e + shipping. From experience a paramotor shipped inside EU is around 300-400e with insurance. The Mav is in Central Portugal right now if someone wants to come over to pick it up..


I'm out from paramotoring for a while so option to get rescue (+300e) and wing (Ozone Sirocco 26 from 2016 +1000e) and new/uninstalled Cameleon V3+V2 (+200e) with the Mav. Also helmets with and without radios available, ask.


Ready to ship right now.

harrieske   @ gmail   .com





G0019052 (kopio).jpg

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