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I`ve been flying a Lift EZ for the last ~20 months.

The wing i had before that was a Synth1 so anything i say i am comparing to that wing as they are the only two wings i`ve flown after my training, i`m not experienced on flying loads of different wings..

The reason i opted for the EZ was it`s apparent ease of launch - especially in low/nil wind, and on that point it has fulfilled my expectations every time.

Towards the end of my ownership of the Synth i ended up despising the bloody thing such was it`s recalcitrance to forward launch in nil-wind and after failing to fly on two out of three visits to the field  i could quite easily of set fire to it! It was about then i decided to chop it in for the EZ...

I`ve gone from dreading forwards to doing them virtually all the time now, if i had nil-wind every time it wouldn`t bother me in the slightest. It`s a relatively light glider at 5.9kg (my Synth 31 was 7.6..)  for the medium which must help a lot. Not quite as light for example as the Sirocco/Spyder though. So yeah, it launches well, although there may be other wings out there which launch just as easily. In stronger conditions which dictate a reverse the EZ is quite flighty and needs controlling quickly such is it`s willingness to fly in the stronger winds.

I don`t think it glides particularly well - and that`s saying something after coming from a Synth was wasn`t exactly known for it`s glide prowess!

Even on neutral trim it comes down quite quickly, and with my preferred landing trim settings of fully out i`ve seen sink rates of 600`+ a min. Flare control at these settings is fine though - it`s got loads of speed to give a long float to bleed off the momentum. I never really achieved the desired landing consistency at neutral or lower trims - my landings got better the further i trimmed out, that might just be me though as the Synth was the same. I prefer a firm, `tight` flare feel which trims out gives me, trims in feels mushy and vague to me.

I usually fly at +2 trims which seems to be the `sweet spot` giving good speed and engine revs - about 26 - 28 mph via the GPS. I`ve just acquired  - for free - a windmill type anemometer which i intend to take up with me next time i fly to see what that says, so i`ll know if trims fully out gives any increase on that. I don`t use speedbar.

It does oscillate a bit at times, damping with a brake sorts it out.

It flies straight and true - my Synth used to require fiddling with the `TEA` line constantly which was annoying.

Handling? Feck knows, i pull left it goes left, pull right it goes right, tipsteering is very effective - you could probably do wingovers with them if you were so inclined but i don`t do any of that stuff, i just do XC.

Build quality wise it looked quite flimsy compared to the Dudek (eg: thin risers and lines) but that`s where the lightness comes from i would think - the Synth was a proper heavy old fecker and was maybe why it was so reluctant to launch in light winds.

I went for the medium, if i bought now i`d go for the small as the extra potential speed and agility would be a bonus as is the preference these days for the smaller glider.

I`ve done 50 flights for just under 100 hours on it now and i`m very happy i went for the EZ and think i`m well prepared to jump onto something a lot `hotter` as my next wing (i`m not thinking of changing anytime soon, though..).





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I`m ~120kg all up inc. wing but no fuel.

Medium is 100 - 160kg (quite a wide range?) so `im at the lower end, but it doesn`t feel like it - see above.

I don`t know why i went for the M as the S is 75 - 140 and i would of fit that perfectly fine, i think at the time i didn`t want to make too large a jump earlyish in my career from my 31 down to a 25.8..

So yeah, the Lift has transformed my flying really, looking back at the fifty or so flights i`ve done it seems difficult to imagine how i`d of coped with launching the old Synth in the conditions and site i fly from.

Are you thinking of trying one?

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