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PPG training mid day first solo

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I just finished my first day of training (I'm just kiting still) but the trainer had 3 other guys down 2 to do there first solo and one todo his second flight. im in canada so we need 5 hours of flight time and 30 take off and landings to get our ultra light licence with powered paraglider endorsement. Any way grass was damp till about 10:00 - 10:30 so then everybody sets up and does some kiting. It was nil wind conditions and by 3:00pm it was about 35deg C. There were no clouds all day they all started trying to do there solos around noon and it was really hot than probably close to 30degC. I was shocked the trainer was pushing them to do there first solo at noon when the sun was putting off so much heat. I asked him about thermals and he said they would be fine as long as they didn't go over dark fields. And it's just wind speed that matters. 

I plan on letting him know I won't be doing my solo flights midday when it comes time for that since I'm am PIC. But what are your thought on this is it safe for the other guys or are they taking unnecessary risk. And the other guys won't be back till I'm done probably.

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