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The Windsock Collective

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Good times and entertainment are on the horizon!

We would greatly appreciate all of you checking out this teaser for a series we are producing.
We would also love for you to share this video and follow and like our social media pages.This is just the beginning! And we are excited for each of you to follow along on this journey to fly!
Find us on YouTube and Instagram at Windsock Collective.

A few guys from different walks of life that came together to achieve one common goal... learn to fly.
Nick Braun, Kris Swanson and Scott Fraser have documented the process of learning to fly paramotors from the very beginning of their pursuit of flight. They will be doing a series dedicated to all things para, from paramotoring to speedflying, while also showcasing amazing locations, people, and whatever planned or creative ideas they come up with! Follow subscribe, and enjoy.


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