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Wing Comparison - Blackhawk Nitro vs Apco NRG vs Dudek Hadron XX

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Hi guys,

This may be a stretch however, i am looking for some feedback on guys who have flown all of the following wings...Apco NRG/NRGxc, Blackhawk Nitro, and Dudek Hadron xx.

I am interested in

1. various speeds - i dont know the Nitro speeds (minimum flying speed, trim speed, trimmers out speed, and flat out)

2. Handling

3. Technologies available on the wings that improve flight comfort and flight experience for the pilot

4. Does the Sharknose used by Dudek make any difference in your experience when flying the Hadron xx vs the other two wings?

5. Likes and dislikes about each (this is to cover things i havent thought of yet to add to my list of queries in helping make a decision.)


i am wanting the wing that gives me best XC trimmers out speed, but also lands very slowly. We all want efficiency, but i think that higher aspect ratio gliders to a large extent resolve this issue. Obviously, im comparing these particular wings because the odd barrel roll is likely to be of interest :fail:

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