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Solo 210 - recommended plug - BH8S - box says NO!

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I still haven't flown the motors I have , one day soon, but I was just at a mates workshop and he'd bought plugs for  a vintage Kawasaki 2 stroke he has (widow maker). Plugs are BH8S. I said to him that what my paramotors use.  Then he shows me on the NGK packet,  they put an X through aircraft and microlight.   BH8S   was what I've seen recommended on here and elsewhere, so why the X on the packet?  Somewhat confused.

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Easy, use the NGK 6715 BR8HS SOLID Standard Plug.

A solid top is much safer for paramotor, I had a failure with a threaded top once (~10 hours), lucky as I was it was just before takeoff with feet on the ground. Now I have a solid plug and steel wire for extra safety.

Anyway, even if you buy the one I recommend, you will see the image with an X on the microlight.

This is what you find in the data sheet for the Solo 210 (now known as Hirth F-36)

"This is not a certificated aircraft engine ! It has not received the safety and durability testings specified by aircraft standards. It is only for use in uncertificated experimental aircraft or vehicles when there is no risk for the safety due to an engine failure. Never fly the aircraft equipped with this engine in circumstances or in areas, in wheater-conditions or in altitudes where you have no chance for successful landing after an engine failure. The user is taking all risk resulting from the use of this engine and he is aware of the possibility of sudden functional disturbances."



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