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Dudek Universal 25m for sale

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Hi guys,

I am selling my dudek universal ppg wing...the same one seen laid out on the ground on my home page and in the paramotoring videos on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwH9kO1z5l9pee6N_jey0A

It is a 25 mtr wing purchased new ordered from the factory i received it in early 2015.

It has 100 genuine hours on it.

The wing is in immaculate condition and has been very well looked after. It has never been in water, never been crashed into trees or scrub, and has not done any SIV work. I am no acro pilot so the most advanced manouvre done on it is mild wingovers and limited rotation 360's (i tend to blackout on paramotors when doing 360's so i cant do more than 3 or 4 rotations before the "lights" begin to go out). It has never done SAT's or anything like that.

I am selling it so i can upgrade to a higher performance wing. I already own 7 paragliders (two of them ppg rated wings) and i simply cannot afford to keep increasing the pg wing population in my garage anymore so this one (and my other Ozone Buzz PWR Z4) has to go before i can upgrade.

This is a really good paramotor wing and i have been delighted with it from day one. It is easy and very forgiving to fly and yet still gives quite good cruise speed with trimmers out.

It has a very long trimmer range (240mm) which goes from standard profile to full reflex mode.

It has tip steering and dedicated anti torque lines which can be adjusted on the ground to suit the pilot and engine (although i have an anti torque strap on my nirvana rodeo so i dont use them only use the tip steering)

4 riser system

split A's for easy launching


I have found that the speeds i get out of this wing (i mostly fly at or near sea level in Sydney Australia) are almost identical to those found on Dudek website wing technical specifications http://www.dudek.eu/en/products/universal.html#dane

This wing will easily do a new pilot or someone who just wants a very safe wing with reasonably good speed range for many hours.


- trimmers out at 240mm at 53km/hr at 105kg (excluding wing weight),

- 57km/hr trimmers out + full bar, 

lands very very slowly (which makes it an ideal all round glider).

I have found this wing really well behaved even in really bad thermic conditions...it has never let me down and maintains excellent directional control even with collapses. 


I am asking $2500 AUD (1700 Euro) for it and am happy to post anywhere at your expense.


Photos of this wing can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fgh613v5pis0nsn/AAD0gt1AGo6RXfy7B6OrJxg1a?dl=0


This is a genuine sale please contact me via email at adamjedgar@live.com.au



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