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Radio/headset compatibility

Guest v23nb

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Anyone interested in paramotor communications is probably aware of the problem of incompatible jacks and sockets. Jacks tend to come in a variety of styles:

1) Twin jack - one 2.5mm and one 3.5mm jack that are 9mm apart (most Midland, Icom, Alinco, etc)

2) Standard length single pin 3 pole 2.5mm jack (Jingtong, Nikkai, Uniden) (tip=microphone)

3) Extended length single pin 3 pole 2.5mm jack (Motorola, Cobra) (tip=speaker)

4) Standard length single pin 3 pole 3.5mm jack (Binatone, Maxon) (tip=microphone)

5) Extended length single pin 3 pole 2.5mm jack (some TTI and Freequency models) (tip=microphone)

6) Standard length single pin 4 pole 3.5mm jack (Yaesu, Vertex Standard, Entel) (tip=speaker)

Goldstar and MicroAvionics headsets use number 1. If your radio has a socket like number 6 then the best bet for an adapter is via one of the many ham radio shops around the country or ebay. Many radios are in the 2-5 categories and (except for number 3) can be very hard to come by. The link below is for a company that has answers to this problem:


Some of these adapters are obtainable through Maplins. I got an adapter for my Jingtong JT-208 2m for £4.99 (Maplin code RF31) and they do stock some of the others as well.

Single pin to single pin adapters are harder to find however I did come accross an adapter that converts a number 2 type radio to a number 3 in Radio Shack in the States however it was a sub-part of another item which I found in a sale for $10.

Hope this info is of help to somebody.



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I was surprised at the headset quality for the price when I got a motocomm headset for my vx5r.

Ordered it via flytec

(info@ flytec.com)

800-662-2449 (inside the US and Canada)

+1-321-773-2307 (outside the US)

+1-407-264-8455 (fax)

I'm just a happy customer spreading the word that I had good service and was happy with the purchase.

My kit was a set of mono headphones and mic that fit right into my charly insider free flight helmet. Came with extension from helmet to radio and specific adapter for $66 USD.

I just use earplugs with it while paramotoring and crank up the volume.

YMMV as always.

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