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Does e-start increase reliability of starting your motor in midair?


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Not really an answer to your question but.... I'm pretty much a total novice with about 6 hours flight time and about 8 flights.

Last flight I had the engine bogged down and stopped as I idled it at about 1500ft (it was running a little rich). A pull start would have been a lot harder to start in the air than a quick push of the green button. As a result it would have probably meant a land out and possible re-launch. I was very grateful for the e-start.

Colin suggested - this is a very good idea - when I was on the ground with a warm engine to practise a restart using the pull start with the engine on my back. Whilst it was possible, it again made me grateful for the ease of an electric start.

Assuming you don't lose the prime and the engine doesn't get too cold there is no reason a restart in the air should pose any difficulties but I'm assuming the usual caveat of having at least one landing zone in mind at all times would be extra important.

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