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nil wind takeoff

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Hello !

For some reasons not depending from my will, my instructor is not available at the moment, so I'm keeping some doubts about my last flights....

In order to stay in the safest fly conditions, i tend to fly only in very low or nil wind conditions. My wing is a ITV dolpo (EN-B), frame with high hang points and 100 cc. engine with clutch.

The configuration that I use for takeoff with nil or very low wind condition is 1/3 of tractioned trims.

Sometimes, expecially with no wind, I have to run like a hare before of being able to be risen up by the wing. Is it correct to traction just a little bit the brakes in order to help the wing to rise me up, going completely hands up just when i've gained some height and speed ??

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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10 hours ago, Dirtybirdg79 said:

That's how I launch Everytime in nil wind, just make sure u use a touch of brakes to break free of the ground and aren't so deep into them that u risk stalling the wing.  Gradually reduce after u leave the ground over a few seconds. 


that's what I've done.

thanks !

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