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  1. Hello all I am looking to get involved and hopefully learn to fly, and ideally would really like to pop along to see some folk flying, taking off landing etc. I live in the North East and I'm able to travel a bit but hopefully not too far. I saw AndyB is near me but currently incapacitated. Any ideas/tips where I could go to watch some flights? Thanks Carl.
  2. Hello AndyB. Could you give any advice to a complete novice in the local area looking to get involved in paramotoring? I’d love to even come and watch some guys take off and land to get a feel for it. I am in Nunthorpe.

    1. AndyB


      I'd love to but I am currently lying on my back in James Cook waiting for back surgery. I hope to find out what is happening in the next week. You are welcome to visit if you wan to chat about it

      Regards, Andy.


    2. SwingKing


      Oh no sorry to hear that. Hope it’s nothing long term. Speedy recovery whatever the prognosis. You’ll be in good hands, my wife worked there for a long time great medical facilities. 

      I’m currently overseas but home in a couple of weeks when I hope to do a bit more research.


      Take it easy

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